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Adolfo Dominguez

The perfect circle: searches linked to ads linked to the site

The company

Adolfo Domínguez SA is a textile company named after its owner and creator, the Galician fashion designer Adolfo Domínguez. Adolfo Domínguez has won numerous awards for its work in fashion, such as the Lifetime Achievement and the Golden Needle of the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Adolfo Domínguez currently has 347 points of sale in 17 countries and is the first fashion company in Spain to be listed on the Spanish continuous market.

Business model

Adolfo Dominguez has 347 physical points of sale in 17 countries. In addition, the company has eight sites to operate in Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, US, Mexico, Japan and an eighth that includes the rest of the European Union countries under the euro currency in which it does not have a physical shop, but from where online orders can be placed.


Adolfo Domínguez's objective was to increase the conversion rates of its branded search campaigns on Google Ads, that is, the click-to-purchase rates of users who search for Adolfo Domínguez on Search.


Making Science proposed to face this challenge with an action that worked on two areas of communication with the client: the personalisation of the acquisition campaigns messages and the personalisation of the website according to the criteria defined in the search. To do this, ad-machina technology was implemented, a proprietary technology of Making Science, capable of generating hundreds of thousands of ads in an automated way, where the algorithms analysed the search behavior of users searching for Adolfo Domínguez brand and identified the structures of the messages, generating a personalised ads with the best conversion rates for each search. In addition, to complete the personalisation in the purchase cycle, ad-machina technology was used to personalise the Adolfo Dominguez landing page where the consumer lands according to the interest they had shown in their search.


In order to make a correct evaluation of the technology and its results, ad-machina was implemented in parallel to its on-going brand campaigns by dividing audiences. The results show that in the first month of activation, at parity of impressions between both campaigns, Adolfo Domínguez achieved with ad-machina:

  • + 21% more purchases
  • + 92% more ROAS
  • - 41% less CPC

Contact us today to see how ad-machina can help you achieve your advertising goals!
Contact us today to see how ad-machina can help you achieve your advertising goals!


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