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The company

MediaMarkt is the leading company in Spain and Europe in the consumer electronics distribution sector and related services. It is part of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, with over 1,000 stores located in 13 countries, a workforce of 50,000 people and a turnover of €21.8 billion in 2021/22.

Business model

MediaMarkt was founded in Germany in 1979 as a result of a major commitment by its founders to a new business model: large stores, a wide range of products and very competitive prices. The keys to Media Markt's success are:

  • A wide range of products from the best brands with updated prices.
  • More than 50,000 product references in each store.
  • 4 own brands.
  • A wide variety of services and personalized solutions.
  • Unique shopping experiences.
  • Commitment to omnichannel, integrating all the advantages of the physical and online worlds to adapt to new consumption trends. In 2012, the company launched its online store with the aim of complementing its omnichannel offer.


MediaMarkt has a very ambitious digital strategy in its commitment to new consumption trends. In this strategy, its main problem was to achieve digital advertising that took into account the constant changes in offers at MediaMarkt: simultaneous offers, offers that last for a few hours... This problem, up to now, meant that the offers were published giving them little visibility; a single title or a single sitelink, and this had the consequence of wasting conversion at the level. A challenge related to performance improvement. In addition, in a business where competition is so high, it is essential to be able to push in real time those products that the Category Manager wants to highlight by adjusting the products and their prices as they are modified according to the different circumstances: stock levels, positioning... Something that until now was impossible to contemplate. This challenge was very linked to the agility to highlight specific products.


Making Science proposed to them to implement the ad-machina technology that manages to automate in real time the creation of Google Ads ads taking into account the entire product portfolio and its attributes, and all their offers. We thus managed to respond to the agility they need for a portfolio of more than 30,000 products and countless offers. In addition, ad-machina performs continuous monitoring of search engine queries, and if it identifies any lack of keywords in an ad, it dynamically incorporates them, which maximizes relevance, improving its conversion and responding to the improvement of performance.


ad-machina was implemented in the Spanish market in two types of campaigns:

Generic campaigns:

  • +45% ROAS
  • +13% sales

Brand campaigns:

  • 12% CTR, increase in the click-through rate of existing ads thanks to their greater visibility
  • 24% CTR, increase in the click-through rate of offers that were not included until now

Another key aspect for MediaMarkt was the implementation times, just two weeks to work on their data and activate the campaigns and a month to evaluate the results. The best conclusion, currently ad-machina manages 100% of MediaMarkt's budget on Google Ads.

Contact us today to see how ad-machina can help you achieve your advertising goals!
Contact us today to see how ad-machina can help you achieve your advertising goals!


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